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#BOC Release Day Bliss ** Her Duke at Daybreak (Mythic Dukes Trilogy) (Volume 1) by Wendy LaCapra **

She promised three nights, he’ll crave a lifetime Infamous for his pedigree of madness and murder, the reclusive Duke of Ashbey believes he cannot feel until a mysterious woman unlocks a world of sensation in a single, shattering moment of connection. Ash casts a desperate bid for more. Recent widow Alicia Stone has long been reviled as the chief impediment to a love affair that captured the nation’s imagination. Publicly, she settled for respectability’s cold comfort, but, secretly, she longs to experience what she never found with her famous husband—uninhibited passion. When Ashbey proposes a discreet three-night assignation, Alicia shocks herself by accepting. But will their explosive union cost them both far more than they bargained?


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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Falling for a Cowboys smile by Katie Lane.  
The fourth book in the Tender Heart Series and it is still quite a good read. I enjoy quite a lot of the books by Katie Lane and yet this one seemed different from any of the others that I have read by her. 
This book did pull me in, but it did not seem to hold my attention as well as the others I have read. That is not because of the author, I did not read the second or third book in this series which made this one a little confusing. However, even though I may not have understood everything fully it was still a great read. 
This one is all about Gracie Lynn Arrington. I have adored Gracie from the beginning of this series and this book managed to show me how strong she truly is. Throughout this book you are able to see how Gracie changes to better fit what is happening around her and we get to see her grow a backbone (that's a lot funnier and truthful if you read the series ). Gracie loves and loves hard, when she trusts you don't break that trust or you are liable to break her. So when she realizes that Dirk is hiding his past she is confused but willing to believe in him. Until he breaks her heart.

Dirk Hadley is working hard to keep the people of Bliss from finding out who he truly is. Especially Gracie because he doesn't want her to hate him. But now that his mission is coming to a close he is trying to get her to forget about her silly crush on him. Even though it means breaking her heart and hurting her a little it is better for her to hate him for a little while then to have to explain his true purpose being in Bliss. Dirk was great, he may be a master at keeping secrets but he is even better at keeping his emotions from himself. 
This book was great, with the amount of secrets and changes that these two character go through I never thought the book would finish, and not in a bad way. This was yet another great story by Ms. Lane and I cannot wait to see how the mystery of the final book is solved. 


Saturday, October 7, 2017

#BOC Review by Joann **The Scot Beds His Wife (Victorian Rebels #5) by Kerrigan Byrne**

The Scot Beds His Wife by Kerrigan Byrne
Gavin St. James, Earl of Thorne, son of the notorious Hamish MacKenzie has inherited the MacKenzie clan and land. Gavin was not raised on the land he now finds himself their laird. Consequently, he is quite resented by most of its people. Hamish was a ruthless leader, he deprived his clan of many things because of greed. Gavin sees how the clan has suffered and strives to improve conditions for all.
When Gavin has his eyes on a piece of land adjoining his clan land he sets his mind to make an offer to purchase it. The owner Alison Ross resides in America but sets off to Scotland to set her finances straight and prevent selling her land to any MacKenzie. It is on the train across the States a train robbery occurs. Samantha Masters is one of the robbers but passes herself off a a passenger. When Samantha realizes the robbers plan to kill all he passengers she defends Ms Ross and kills her own husband one of the robbers.This murder is witness by her husbands brother another robber. Ms Ross now urges Samantha to switch places with her and go to Scotland disguised as Alice to flee from the other surviving train robbers.
Samantha/Alice are greeted at the station by Gavin and his entourage. He believes once he makes his offer she will accept and return to America. How wrong he was in this assumption. He is confronted with a head strong woman. She is running for her life and has no plans to return to America.
Both characters I found complicated and simple at the same time. Each holding their cards close to the vest. I love this author and all the stories of have read by her but this didn't do it for me. True it did show murkiness and violence but the darkness of plot complications was not there. Ms Byrne has a gritty style that just was not here. I, however, would still recommend this book and still continue to follow one of my favorite authors.


Friday, October 6, 2017

The Scandalous Flirt by Olivia Drake
Aurora Paxton was one of the most popular d├ębutantes during her come out season. Unfortunately, she found herself in a compromising position with an Italian Ambassador. Although, nothing truly happened she way banished from her home and sent away for years to live in a remote area with an eccentric aunt.
It is when Lady Milford comes to call and asks Aurora to return home with her as her step mother needs her help. Aurora has no desire to return to her step mother who treated her so cruelly during her banishment. Lady Milford works her way with Aurora and gives her a pair of special shoes to wear.
Upon her return Rory learns her step mother is being black mailed. She had love letters stolen from her and needs them returned because of scandal it would create for her and Rory sister Celeste who is planning a marriage to a Duke. The shock of her step mother having a love affair behind her father's back was quite unsettling.
Rory takes a position as a lady companion for Lucas Vale's, the Marquess of Dashall, mother. Both Lady Milford and her stepmother believe it is Lucas who stole the letters. The love letters were from Lucas's father to Rory's stepmother.
To continue on with this story would only spoil it for the reader. I really enjoyed the charming romance and mystery in this narrative. I would recommend it as a light read. 


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

#BOC Presents! Alpha Males with Violetta Rand, Michele De Winton, Katana Collins & Michele Mannon

Interview with an Alpha Male

Ever imagine what it might be like to have a hot as sin Alpha male whispering in your ear? Well, four authors who write dark, gritty romances cordially invite you to listen in on some titillating conversations they’ve had with one of their heroes. Things are about to get hot. Fans and wine advised!

EAGLE ~ One Taste of Angel (Book One, Iron Norsemen MC) by VIOLETTA RAND

Eagle: (Looks me up and down, grins, and lights a cigarette)

Violetta: Thought we were going for a ride.

Eagle: Only if you agree to hop on the back of my bike.

Violetta: Sorry, I know the rules. Angel wouldn’t like it if I took her place.

Eagle: (Points at my Ducati) Not a Harley.

Violetta: Nope. It’s not. Bet I can go faster.

Eagle: (Laughs) Real women ride men with Harleys.

Violetta: Real women ride, Eagle.

Eagle: We’ll see. (Finishes his smoke, then climbs on his bike.) Coming?

Violetta: (Straps her helmet on and starts her Ducati) Last one to Holly Beach is a loser. (Screeches out of the parking lot, Eagle in her wake).

Meet Eagle and his brothers from the Iron Norsemen MC!



Violetta’s Bio:

Raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, Violetta Rand spent her childhood reading, writing, and playing soccer. After meeting her husband in New England, they moved to Alaska where she studied environmental science and policy before attending graduate school. Violetta then spent nearly a decade working as a scientist, specializing in soil and water contamination and environmental assessments.

Violetta still lives in Alaska and spends her days writing romance. When she's not reading, writing, or editing, she enjoys time with her husband, pets, and friends. In her free time, she loves to hike, fish, and ride motorcycles and 4-wheelers.

Violetta’s social media accounts:

Jake Slade ~ Right me Right #2 Raising Hellfire MC Series by Michele de Winton

Jake: You look good in blue, anyone ever tell you that? Makes me want to lay you down under a summer sky and...

Michele:  ...you know I wrote that line for you right? So it’s not going to work on me.

Jake: Shit. This isn’t going to go well for me is it? Should I be worried about sitting too close? You going to smack me with a wrench or a fire or any of you other “plot” ideas?

Michele: You’re safe here. We’re among friends. Tell us about Lucy.

Jake: Having us meet in that pool for the first time, I have to give it to you, that was good. She was all slick from the water and with the moon reflecting over her skin, hell, I’m amazed I managed to hold off for, what, four pages?

Michele: I couldn’t have you fall together too quickly.

Jake: I read that other book. Burned by Lust, now that is getting together quick. And that chick, Lee? Man, if I hadn’t met Lucy, I’d be ripping up the pages to get into her. Hell’s boys wouldn’t have liked it but fuck em. Girl needed someone to hold her down and...but anyway, I’ve got Lucy. She’s like rumbling motor underneath you, I tell you. Better than riding a bike without a helmet.

Michele: You’re a poet.

Jake: Touche lady.

Meet Jake - on Amazon
For more information about The Raising Hellfire MC series, please visit:

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Michele’s Bio:
Words are my drug. There, I said it and now I can't take it back. I've tried doing other things. Heck I was even a dancer in Bosnia (true story), but I keep coming back to the page and getting stuck there. Hooray for words! But hooray for characters too because that's what I love. I like to twist them up in knots, take away their toys, get them drunk and throw them at each other. I try to be mostly polite in real life (I did say mostly) so it's a joy to unleash sassy, mouthy, smart women on the romance men of my worlds and let them at it. I know the saying goes, girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice, but with me you can expect less sugar and more spice. Heck, these girls are made of adventure, great beer and no fear. Despite training in law (or perhaps because of it) I have been a dancer, choreographer, producer, and all round arty type in various countries for most of my life. I've also travelled extensively, working on projects in Bosnia, India, Scotland, England, Brazil and New Zealand. I love to hear from readers so do come stalk me online – you can check out what’s happening on Facebook and Twitter, grab a free story and join my newsletter for freebies all from my website http://www.micheledewinton.com/

Michele’s social media accounts:

Shane McGill ~ Ex-Con: Harrison Street Crew #1 by Katana Collins

Katana: Shane, welcome to freedom. How does it feel to be out of State Penitentiary for the first time in four years?

Shane: [Takes a drag from his cigarette] I’m not free. Not while the club owns my ass. That’s how they trap you. Give you favors you don’t ask for and then force you to pay up.

Katana: Well, that’s pretty dang ‘glass half empty’ talk if I’ve ever heard it. What about that new girl you’re working for at the garage? That redheaded mechanic? She seems cute.

Shane: [Smirks] Cute isn’t exactly the phrase I’d use.

Katana: I can imagine.

Shane: Oh, I know you can. I’ve experienced first hand all the things you can imagine.

Katana: How is it working for her?

Shane: A job’s a job. Working for her is about the same as working for any other boss. Except the view’s a hell of a lot better.

Katana: Just you wait. The work day’s gonna get a hell of a lot better, too...

Hear more from Shane over on Amazon!

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Katana’s bio:
When Katana Collins was younger and stole her mother’s Harlequins to read beneath the covers with a flashlight, she wanted to read about the tough as nails heroine. The perfectly imperfect girl with quirks and attitude and sass. And the anti-heroes who were anything but “Prince Charming.” Forget the knight on a white horse… she wanted the bad boy on a motorcycle.
So, now, she writes those romance novels she craved to see on the shelves all those years ago—the sassy heroines. The badass heroes. She penned her first romance novel back in 2012 and now, a few years later, she is an international author with 15 published books, in a wide range of contemporary romance genres (Paranormal, New Adult, Small town, Erotic Suspense… you name it!).
She lives in Portland, Maine, with an ever-growing brood of rescue animals: a kind of mean cat, a very mellow chihuahua, and a very not mellow lab puppy... oh yeah, there's a husband somewhere in that mix, too. She can usually be found hunched over her laptop in a cafe, guzzling gallons of coffee, and wearing fabulous (albeit sometimes impractical) shoes.
Katana’s social media accounts:



DIEGO:  Like what you see, chava?

MICHELE: [Blinking, then flushing red.] I mean, he’s gorgeous. Jet black hair, wicked eyes, a fighter’s muscled body.

You’re called “The Big Boom” guy. Why is that?

It’s also rumored that he’s a hit man, but I wisely refrain from asking him about that.

DIEGO: Explosive...orgasms.

MICHELE: [Coughing]  Excuse me?

DIEGO: You heard me, Shelly baby. If you’re the type of woman who likes to get off hard...you know...BOOM! [He makes an exploding sound and gesture with his hands.]

MICHELE:  My imagination goes wild. I mean, whose wouldn’t?

DIEGO: [Leaning back in the chair across from me.] Next question.

Meet Diego on Amazon !

Don’t miss Rogue, Mercenary, and Hit Man now available.
Make sure to add the next two books to your TBR pile! PLAYER and PROFESSIONAL  

Get your sexy on here:
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Michele’s social media accounts:

Michele’s Bio:

Michele Mannon has been a romantic ever since she held that boy’s hand behind the old tool shed. An avid reader, her go-to genre has always been romance; the darker and grittier the better. Michele began writing her own brand of sexy in 2011 and is finishing her eighth book for publication. Her work has received high praise, including Romantic Times Magazine’s TOP PICKS. Most days, Michele can be found tormenting her characters high up on a mountaintop overlooking the Delaware River, with her computer in her lap and a glass of Riesling in her hand. Visit www.MicheleMannon.com

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#BOC BUZZ: The Spy Who Seduced Her (The Brethren Book 1) by Christi Caldwell

Author Christi Caldwell never fails to immerse this reader in her carefully woven web of tales. This time however, Ms. Caldwell slays me with this book. This book is SUPERB! Be prepared to cry. A wonderful first in an exciting series, I cannot wait for more of The Brethren! 

Nathaniel Archer has been an essential part of The Brethren for decades. The spy turned leader has lost so much in his 45 years, that the only thing he has is his work and the memories of the one and only love he lost.  When after 20 years a case comes up involving his lost love, Nathaniel tosses caution aside to solve the mystery and reconnect with his past, good or bad.

Victoria Barret, the Viscountess Waters has not had an easy life. Married to a cruel reprobate in order to give her baby a name, Victoria has suffered much in her life. Someone has murdered the Viscount and now Victoria's son, Andrew is the prime suspect. While mourning Viscount Waters isn't  one of this family's priorities, saving Andrew from himself is paramount. Enter Nathaniel Archer, Earl of Exeter, whom Victoria believed dead. For both Victoria and Nathaniel, facing their pasts is gut-wrenching. Both believe the other moved on without second thoughts, but the reality of it is that the struggle to carry on caused such deep seeded heartache that it  inexorably transforms both parties.

Nothing is more important to Victoria than her children's  happiness, but maybe it's time for her to actually live, maybe it's time for her to grasp onto the one person who can give her that happiness. Nathaniel has been with the Brethren so long that one wonders if he can put it behind him to take on the spitfire named Victoria. Find out by reading the fabulous, THE SPY WHO SEDUCED HER by the indomitable Christi Caldwell... 



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Many times I am in the precarious position of reading a very good friend's book and then having to review said book objectively. When I picked up The Last Gamble, the third book in the riveting Bastards of London series all of those uneasy feelings, flew out the proverbial window. Anabelle Bryant is a force to be reckoned with. Her writing is smart and superb and her stories are tantalizing. 

The Last Gamble finally brings closure to Luke Reese's heartbreak of losing his beloved son to kidnapping some nine months prior. The rough and tumble part owner of the Underworld, one of London's most popular gaming hells, Luke Reese has been exhausting every possible venue in his search for Nathaniel while still effectively running his hell, but tides are turning and Luke is closer than ever to discovering the whereabouts of his son.

Georgina Luke is in hiding, plain and simple. Remaining in her parent's home was out of the question given the ultimatum her father had given her that would make her life miserable. Fleeing to Coventry os the best decision and using an alias to seek a position of governess to a wealthy countryside family gives her the peace she seeks, until the handsome Luke Reese to turn her world upside down. When Luke discovers that Nathaniel had been in her care soon after being kidnapped, Luke believes that Georgina is the key to finding his son. Georgina, however, is hesitant in returning to London to help find Nathaniel, but extenuating circumstances prevail and the pair set off on a voyage of intrigue and mayhem that also brings this unlikely pair together for passion and well as mystery.

Luke at first is certain he is only using Georgina as a means to an ends, but the more time in her company, getting to the heart of her very being, Luke may just fall hard and lose his heart to Georgina. Can these two wayward souls risk falling for one another? Read Anabelle Bryant's The Last Gamble to find out!

Having been with the Bastards of London from day one, I have a deep investment in the characters and their outcomes. Nathaniel's kidnapping left this reader in shock and the path to his discovery made me fall deeper in love with this series. Once again, i must reiterate that Ms. Bryant is an outstanding writer who with every single book she writes spins a web that traps the reader. If you have never picked up a book by Anabelle Bryant, you are missing out. Give this impressive series a try, you will not be disappointed, you will be in awe...


About Anabelle

Anabelle began reading at age three and never stopped.  Her passion for reading soon turned into a passion for writing and an author was born.  Happy to grab a suitcase if it ensures a new adventure, Anabelle finds endless inspiration in travel, especially imaginary jaunts into Regency England, a far cry from her home in New Jersey.  Instead, her clever characters live out her daydreams because really, who wouldn't want to dance with a handsome duke or kiss a wicked earl?
Though teaching keeps her grounded, photography, running and writing, counterbalance her wanderlust.  Often found with her nose in a book, Anabelle earned her Master's Degree and is completing her Doctorate Degree in education.  Thrilled to be an author for Harlequin's Carina line, Anabelle's historical romances are character driven.  She strives to provide a heartfelt connection between her hero, heroine, and the reader, believing the emotional journey on the path to true love is the most important bond.  Clever secondary characters and lively conversation keep the pages turning.
Anabelle knows sometimes life doesn't provide a happily ever after, but her novels always do.  She enjoys talking with her fans.  Follow her on Facebook and join her mailing list for the latest news concerning her upcoming novel